Mansfield Pride Parade

 The Annual Mansfield Pride Parade

For the 5th Annual Mansfield Pride Parade the route will be moved.  This year the parade will go along Park Ave W St starting at  the 5 points and ending at Central Park. 


Parade Info

Please fill out the Application and return email to [email protected].

You can also mail it to:

Mansfield Pride Parade

c/o Mansfield Gay Pride Association

PO Box 285

Mansfield, OH 44901

Do you know someone who would be a good candidate for this years Grand Marshall? Submit your nomination here!

  • Group A: Consist of a vehicle, float, or large group of motorized vehicles
  •  Group B: Consist of a large group of individuals (5 or more) walking or riding non-motorized vehicles*
  •  Group C:  This is a small group of individuals (1-5 people) walking

or any information please email: [email protected]


Tim Denis:

[email protected]

Previous Pride Parades

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