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LGBTQA Targeted Initiatives 

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The annual Mansfield Gay Pride Festival is our original initiative and the main reason our organization was formed. Each year, we our organization hosts the festival with the assistance of our festival sponsors, vendors, and volunteers. The first festival was held in July 2015 and celebrated not only the first annual festival but also the newly affirmed right of marriage equality for the first time nationwide.

Annual PrideFestival 

HIV/STD and Sexual Health Education

Do you know how many people in the United States have HIV? How about the world? Do you know how many steps there are to putting on a condom correctly?

LGBTQA Magazine

At the 2016 Mansfield Gay Pride Festival, we launched the first issue of our new magazine, Mansfield & Proud.

Flags for Veterans

The Mansfield Gay Pride Association would like to show our appreciation to the veterans who have served our country.  By provided veteran with a flag than can be displayed inside or outside their home we hope our small token will show our great appreciation.

Community Events

More information to come.

LGBT College Scholarship

Education is an important and fundamental part of an individual’s growth. While many more students are attending college, the price of a degree has risen a staggering amount since the 1990’s. Every student should be given the chance to obtain a higher education but the cost of a degree is very high for someone just stepping into adulthood. Because of this, our organization has been inspired to start a scholarship for college students whom identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender.

Adopt a Family

More information to come

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