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 4th Annual Mansfield Pride Parade

The 4th Annual Mansfield Pride Parade will take place on Main Street starting at E. 5th Street and going south until it ends at Park Ave.  

There are 3 groups to choose from Group A, Group B, and Group C.  Group A will consist of floats or large vehicles, Group B will consist of a walking group of 5 or more, and Group C will be a small walking group between 1-5 people.


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Parade Info

Please fill out the Application and return email to

You can also mail it to:

Mansfield Pride Parade

c/o Mansfield Gay Pride Association

PO Box 285

Mansfield, OH 44901

To be Announced


  • The Parade Starts at 11 am
  • The route will be south on Main Street, starting at 5th Street and ending at Park Avenue
  • Please show up an hour prior to line up and finish putting together your parade entry. If you need extra time at the staging area please let us know.

The groups that signed up to be in the 3rd Annual Mansfield Gay Pride Parade are welcomed to come back and participate in this years parade.  Every participant should have been contacted last year following the cancellation of the parade due to weather.  Please reach out to the Mansfield Gay Pride Association for any questions or information.


To be Announced

For any information please email: