Positive Progressions Transgender Community

This is a peer led support group for Transgender individuals and their Allies. We meet to offer each other knowledge, comfort, and strength.

Meetings are the second Sunday of every month from 3pm -5pm at the Mansfield Gay Pride Associations offices at 445 Bowman Str, Mansfield, OH, room 307


Positive Progression’s mission is to enhance and make better the lives of Transgender individuals and their Allies through, support, education, advocacy, and information.

Positive Progressions purpose is to enhance, make better the quality of life for the Transgender individual, Allies, and the community. We accomplish this through education, advocacy, support, and information.

The Butterfly represents the beauty and possibility of change through metamorphosis. As the caterpillar is not born as it will live neither are we.

There are many events through Mansfield Gay Pride Association for you to join! For a full list go to https://www.mansfieldgayprideassociation.org/

Coming Soon!

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